Carnivorous Blonde is a blog about memory and identity. This project attempts to engage a process of personal recollection as a means of understanding a present identity.  What is learned or embellished when we look back at ourselves?  As we recall our past actions and frame them in a present context, connecting them to a larger history, do the self of today and the self of the past construct each other? Additionally, does utilizing parallel creative process – Photoshop collage and writing – produce a more accurate answer to these questions or does it act to change the memory by abstracting it altogether?  What do the artist and the author teach one another about the same memory?  These are the questions that Carnivorous Blonde aims to investigate.  

All images are scavenged from the internet or scanned from fashion magazines – I am a believer in the power of the “remix” and it’s ubiquity throughout human history.  The story is my story… well, at least how I remember it.                

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