29 … TwentyNINE

“Nearly two per cent of the population of Northern Ireland have been killed or injured though political violence […] If the equivalent ratio of victims to population had been produced in Great Britain in the same period some 100 000 people would have died, and if a similar level of political violence had taken place,Continue reading “29 … TwentyNINE”

28…. TwentyEIGHT

It is estimated that by the year 2100 50-90% of the world’s current languages will be considered “extinct”- no longer being spoken by a single human being. Currently there are between 6000-7000 languages in use across the planet today. This number seems immense until considering that many of these languages are spoken by less thanContinue reading “28…. TwentyEIGHT”

27 ….. TwentySEVEN

The Burren in Western Ireland is covered by an expansive, eroding limestone carpet.  The limestone, formed by compressed sediment 350 million years old, was once the bottom of a tropical sea.   A fact that is very difficult to easily comprehend when one looks out across the empty horizon filled only by wind.  Incredibly scientistsContinue reading “27 ….. TwentySEVEN”

26… TwentySIX

Sheep were first domesticated by early Mesopotamian humans around 10 thousand years ago, the practice spread quickly throughout Europe and into Ireland.  The sheep provide wool and meat and milk for their human counterparts.  The humans provide protection and ensure that the sheep in their care have sufficient plant life to graze on.  This symbiosisContinue reading “26… TwentySIX”


 Nearly two an a half centuries were required to complete The Book of Kells, one of the finest examples of illuminated manuscripts in Western Europe.  Intended to transform darkness into light, the skins of 150 calves were used to create its high quality vellum pages and the expert craftsmanship of monks dedicating entire lifetimes towards its completion.Continue reading “25……TwentyFIVE”