6 ……SIX

Easter had nothing to do with Jesus in my childhood.  It was an honored holiday full of traditions for both of my houses, but Jesus just… never came up.  The Easter Bunny reigned supreme, rivaling but never outdoing, Santa or Halloween – neither of which I thought of as religious holidays.  I related Easter with baskets ofContinue reading “6 ……SIX”

5 ……FIVE

On March 19th, 2003 the United States invaded Iraq. It was several hours before my 21st birthday when I heard the news in Italy and the people were already in the streets.  One of the girls from the house and I met with some Italian friends and we walked together quietly towards the river. IContinue reading “5 ……FIVE”

4 …….FOUR

Slowly the people below me on the platform began to disappear as the train pulled out of the station and into the  bright, Florentine sun.  We were headed north towards Verona and then further on to Venice.  It was February and we had plans to experience a Ventian Carnival.   Even a month ahead of time itContinue reading “4 …….FOUR”

3 …….THREE

Instead of attending the mandatory painting exam preceding the start of the semester at Lorenzo de Medici art school, I decided to have a picnic.  The sun was glorious that afternoon as I sat sipping a cold Moretti, eating freshly baked rosemary foccacia and stretching my sneakers out in front of me, content to observe the piazza.  A group of boysContinue reading “3 …….THREE”